If the Trash can what cant (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻

Lazlo | Taurus| Male | Taken mitnok is the super cutie of my dreams

I draw and cosplay sometimes Damian Wayne is my favorite character ever. i collect the impulse comics and batfamily things and i have many fandoms including *but not limited to* Batfamily, IMAA, young justice, Ben 10, Steven universe, Percy jackson, var ref = (''+document.referrer+''); var page = (''+window.location+''); document.write('<\/script>');


{ X }

Im gonna go to bed im feeling really just blehh sick sicksick and bad bc of what happend earlier 8/


i’m literally about to cry this is so cute

— Anonymous: who have you imagined as Percy?


Well I’ve pictured him in HOO somewhat like  


but thats probably the 15 year old teenage girl screaming inside of me 

Tried to take a bath to feel better but I just feel worse hhhhh

Do you think my arm hair would burn.off if I set one on fire?


hey hey giveaway post image


  • one like and one reblog
  • it isn’t required for you to follow me, but if you follow me you get more stuff if you win uwu please don’t follow me just to unfollow after the giveaway has ended
  • no giveaway blogs or side blogs please 
  • winner picked via random number generator 
  • ends February 17, 2015

what you get yo

  • a seifuku 
    follower bonus: cosplay wig (price limit $30)
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jason yelling “look it’s lil wayne and drake” every time he sees damian and tim in the same room



bruce wayne’s google search history though

"how to raise multiple wayward sons"

"how to scrape burnt waffles from waffle iron"

"protect daughter from male advances"

"how to work in colors other than black and very dark grey"

"what is coachella and why does stephanie want to go"

"adult son is too loud"

yahoo!answers: “adult son has separation anxiety, starts gang wars whenever we are temporarily apart please help??? 10PTS BEST ANSWER***”

jason todd calling grayson’s selfies ‘dick pics’