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Lazlo | Taurus| Male | Taken

I draw and cosplay sometimes
Damian Wayne is my favorite character ever.
i collect the impulse comics and batfamily things and i have many fandoms including *but not limited to* Batfamily, IMAA, young justice, Ben 10, Steven universe, Percy jackson,


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I wish my worthless feeling went away when I slept but I’d did not and I want to relapse from that triggering content I saw and I fucking can’t do this anymore I hate it I hate everything about this stupid fuckkng weekend and Monday I hate this I hate

Hhhhhh fucking rude people contently triggering me ans they don’t even fucking know or care and I hate this like if I told you why you would get defensive and not do anything and continue your shitty behavior hhhhhhh UGH UGH UGH


please enjoy this video of an action packed, high speed fight between two cats.



I was supposed to be doing an essay but I ended up drawing kissing teen!Imaax and then I wrote a one-shot about the drawing and basically I’m just a terrible student so

the fanfic’s under the readmore (it’s p short)

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He did this to himself. Then looked at me with sad eyes because I was to busy laughing to help him.

I freaking tryed to get comfortable but my rib fricking poped weird and sent a shock to Mt ribs and spine and it just hurts so much i wanna cry at lest binder that fit put more pressure on the chest then on the ribs I freakin hate this I’m ether going to vommit, cry, or pass out i pain