If the Trash can what cant (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻

Lazlo | Taurus| Male | Taken mitnok is the super cutie of my dreams

I draw and cosplay sometimes Damian Wayne is my favorite character ever. i collect the impulse comics and batfamily things and i have many fandoms including *but not limited to* Batfamily, IMAA, young justice, Ben 10, Steven universe, Percy jackson, var ref = (''+document.referrer+''); var page = (''+window.location+''); document.write('<\/script>');


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Dont feel well but ill just lock it up for tomorrow, night everyone


Happy first day of October, have some very excited spooky pumpkin spice doritos.


someone hit me, i’m procrastinating—-

OK BUT NO FITZ RIGHT NOW IS HOW IT USE TO BE EVERY DAY FOR ME, LIKE THE WORD STUFF HE IS GOING THREW?? Yeah like that and I KNOW that pain to have the word SO CLOSE but SO FAR its horrible I can see how his brain it turning in some ways because I deal with that exact same thing and even though I am a lil better at controlling my word now days I still have those moments(sometimes a day) where i cant actually talk normaly like talking just gets ti hard so I love that even tho its not due to learning disabilities like mine and more tramma, its still important and I love it


A properly human Bill Cipher as opposed to the somewhat-vaugely-not at all human form he tends to wander around in. To think I wasted my first ever gif on this twerp.

Drabble to come once my writers block stops being a butt and cooperates with me.



He just accepts it right away.

this makes me so happy and idk why