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I draw and cosplay sometimes Damian Wayne is my favorite character ever. i collect the impulse comics and batfamily things and i have many fandoms including *but not limited to* Batfamily, IMAA, young justice, Ben 10, Steven universe, Percy jackson, var ref = (''+document.referrer+''); var page = (''+window.location+''); document.write('<\/script>');


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Candy’s Questions:

  1. do you like popcorn?
  2. do you like adventure time?
  3. would you like to see finn eating popcorn on adventure time?
  4. wanna be bfffffffls?
  5. should i jump out of the window?
  6. i mean it would be totally cool right?
  7. like it would get 5 million views on youtube huh?
  8. the sweettooth or the joker?
  9. do we ship the same things
  10. do you like amon as much as i do
  11. is the answer to that question no
  12. what’s the last thing you made via arts and crafts

My Questions:
1.] What song{s} do you listen to when you are feeling down?
2.] What was your favorite game to play as a kid?
3.] Who is the Superhero/Character that has helped you threw something in your life and how/what did they help you with?
4.] when was the last time you hugged someone other then someone who you are related to?
5.] Is there a place and/or a thing you do to feel better when sad/depressed?
6.] What is your favorite movie?
7.] Do you have a favorite story and if so would you mind sharing it? {It does not have to be a book it could just be a story someone had told you long ago or maybe something that had happened to you}?
8.] Have you ever had any siblings or pets?
9.] What really creeps you out/what are you afraid of?
10.] Who do you miss the most?
11.] what is your favorite tv shows/comicbooks/webcomic?

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